This Wine Store blog is updated by Simon and Emma Tyrrell. The wine-techy (new word, you read it here first) articles are mostly written by Simon, the rants by both and the Wine Store updates by Emma.  The Wine Store was set up in 2007 (originally under the name of the  and is the child of our parent company Tyrrell & Co. (Wine Importers) Ltd. Tyrrell & Company has established itself as being Ireland’s leading Rhône expert and as well as this area also imports high quality artisan wines from other areas of France and also Spain. In 2005 Tyrrell & Co. won Importer of the Year  as awarded by A. & A. Farmar’s Best of Wine in Ireland and was awarded Best Wine Importer of the Year for 2007, 2009, 2010 and again for Best Fine Wine Importer in 2011 by Tomás Clancy in the Sunday Business Post. Having noticed that although the wines were available in Ireland’s best restaurants, many were not so readily available to the general public and so the Wine Store was born.

We pride ourselves in having strong, direct links with our artisan producers, many of whom are amongst the most sought after in the world today. Our greatest strength naturally lies in our range of wines from the Rhône Valley which is unquestionably one of widest and most dynamic available – anywhere! Outside of the Rhône we are delighted to list some stunning wines from other viticultural areas of France, Spain and Italy as well as some fantastic, boutique producers of Sherry.