New labelling regulations come into effect at the end of this month. We know a wine containing sulphites must state so on the label (see previous post on this) but from 30th June any wine that is fined using albumin or casein will have to state “and products made from milk/eggs” on a bottle that is labelled after the end of June 2012.

So vegans and vegetarians will now be a step closer to seeing if the wine they are drinking is suitable for their diet. Ox blood is no longer used in the wine making process (its use was banned in Europe in 1997), but agents extracted from swim bladders of certain fish can be and I am not sure where the use of gelatine as a fining agent stands in this, so far it would seem only milk and egg extracts will have to be stated. For more on fining agents have a look at this article by Jeff Chorniak.

(I came across the image below via twitter a while back. I’m afraid I don’t know who the original source is, so if anyone can let me know, please do.)

No such thing as a vegan?

See Wine Alley’s recent newsletter for more on this and on the new wording for labelling wine made from grapes grown organically (EU).

Robert Joseph (@robertjoseph) tweeted a link to a recent Snooth article by Gregory Dal Piaz about world wine consumption figures. Well, Ireland doesn’t make it into the top 11, but France does with 45.7 litres per person and where do you think the Vatican comes, ahead or behind the French figure? Oh, and Andorra makes it in there too! It’s worth a little look.